International Judicial Monitor
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July 2006, Volume 1, Issue 3

International Resources

Mapping the Justice Sector in Post Conflict States (OHCHR)
One in a series of rule-of-law tools providing practical guidance to field missions and transitional administrations in critical transitional justice and rule of law-related areas, including justice sector reform. Other tools address:† Prosecution Initiatives, Truth Commissions and Vetting, and Monitoring Legal Systems.

Global Legal Monitor (LOC)
An electronic publication which tracks significant legal developments by drawing on national legal publications and media sources from around the world. Featured topics include:† Attorneys and Judges, Human Rights, International Relations, and Terrorism.†

African Intíl Courts and Tribunals (PICT)
An online resource of basic documents, bibliographies, and news for practitioners, scholars, and laypersons interested in the work of international courts and tribunals in Africa which are applying international and regional law.

European Judicial Network (EU)
A network of national contact points created by the European Union to improve judicial cooperation between EU member states, particularly in combating serious forms of criminal activities.†

Judiciaries in the Arab World (UNDP/POGAR)
An overview of judiciaries in the Arab world and compilation of related resources such as publications, empirical studies, statistics, searchable databases and valuable links to courts and ministries of justice in the Middle East region.†

Survey:† Americans on International Tribunals and Their Jurisdiction
A public opinion survey of American attitudes regarding international tribunals and courts responsible for adjudicating the broad system of treaties and agreements that regulates international behavior, including the International Criminal Court.†

Justice Initiatives: The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (OSI)
This issue of Justice Initiatives offers a comprehensive review of the tribunal and examines the challenges of securing justice for the victims of the Khmer Rouge. Subjects range from the definition of genocide to recommendations that will help ordinary Cambodians better understand the workings of the court.

European Court of Justice 2005 Annual Report (EU/ECJ)
A summary of the activities and judgments of the Court of Justice, including a description of the institutional changes which affected the operation of the Court, itís workload, and the length of its proceedings in 2005. A statistical annex is available here.

International Arbitration Planner
The aim of the Planner is to provide the international arbitration community with a one-stop source of information on forthcoming major conferences, seminars, symposia, and networking opportunities around the world related to arbitration and dispute resolution.

International Association of Court Administrators
An association promoting court administration in emerging democracies and other countries pursuing the rule of law by providing resources and sponsoring international conferences and training programs to evaluate and improve court and justice systems.

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