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Jul/Aug 2007, Volume 2, Issue 2
Chief Justice Graciela Dixon Justice in Profile

Chief Justice Graciela Dixon is the first woman of African descent to serve as Panama’s chief justice and is one of only a few women in the world serving in this type of position. Read more »
State Court of Bosnia Herzegovina

International Tribunal Spotlight

War Crimes Chamber,
Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Read more »

Significant Judicial Developments

Pakistani Supreme Court Reinstates Chief Justice

COE Concerned about Non-enforcement of Judgments

US Justices to Teach, Travel in Europe

Afghanistan Rule of Law Conference Convened

Judicial Cooperation in the Arab World

UN Expert on Women Judges in Maldives

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International Resources

International Law Reporter

2006-7 Report on Justice System in the Americas

Network of Presidents of EU Supreme Courts

Hague Forum on Judicial Expertise

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Rule of Law Survey
Should the United States Senate give its advice and consent to ratification of the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea?
Not Sure

         See Survey Results
Calendar of Events
August 27-29, 2007
Good Governance and Non-State Actors in International Law: An African Perspective »

September 21-24, 2007
XIII World Conference on Procedural Law »

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State Courts and Judges in the US as Transnational Legal Actors
State courts and judges are sometimes considered as an afterthought by those debating the application of international law and the use of foreign legal materials in judicial decision making. (Read More »)
IJA Docket

In June 2007, a United States delegation participated in two conferences in Buenos Aires and Salta, Argentina about scientific evidence and the courts. (Read More »)

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Cases of Note

United States Supreme Court: Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations v. New York (14 June 2007) »

United States Fourth Circuit: Al-Marri v. Wright, (11 June 2007) »

International Criminal Court: Prosecutor Opens Investigation in Central African Republic (22 May 2007) »

High Court of Malawi: Kafantayeni v. Attorney General (27 April 2007) »

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Cases of note
Global Judicial Dialogue

The International Rule of Law Starts at Home
Ambassador (and Judge) Hans Corell of Sweden
The scrupulous adherence to the rule of law both at the national and international level is the only way forward to ensure peace and security for future generations.
(

General Principles of International Law

What are General Principles of International Law?
When there is no provision in an international treaty or statute nor any recognized customary principle of international law available for application in an international dispute, the general principles of law can be used to “fill the gap.” (Read More »)

General Principles of International Law
Leading Figures in International Law
Ambassador (and Judge) Hans Corell
Ambassador and former Swedish judge Hans Corell for ten years, from 1994 until his retirement in 2004, held a job that can best be described as the apex for any career in international law; he was the Under Secretary General and Legal Counsel of the United Nations. In that position he also headed the Office of Legal Affairs in the UN Secretariat.
(
  Hans Corell
Justice Sector Assessment

New World Bank Justice Sector Assessment Handbook
The World Bank’s Justice Reform Practice Group recently launched a new Justice Sector Assessment Handbook soon to be published that is already available at the World Bank’s Law and Justice Institutions website ( (Read More »)

World Bank
In Review: New Publications on
International and Comparative Law

Global Governance Reform:
Breaking the Stalemate

Edited by Colin I. Bradford and Johannes F. Linn. Brookings Institution Press. 2007

Subscribers to the International Judicial Monitor might pose the question: ‘where is the judiciary?’ if they read this recent offering from the Brookings Institution Press on the important subject of global governance reform. (Read More »)

Global Governance Reform
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