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First Sir Richard May Seminar

Twenty-two state and federal judges from the United States convened in The Hague, Netherlands for the first Sir Richard May Seminar on International Law and International Courts September 11-16, 2005. The Seminar was prepared and conducted by the International Judicial Academy, with support from the Open Society Justice Initiative and the American Society of International Law, as well as assistance from the Judicial Leadership Development Council and the Atlantic and Pacific Exchange Program, a Dutch organization.

During the one week seminar, the judges heard lectures from leading international lawyers and international organization officials, and visited the international courts and dispute resolution tribunals located in the Hague. Hon. Hans Corell, former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations for Legal Affairs made two presentations the first day. Another leading speaker was Philippe Sands QC, international barrister and professor of international law from England. The site visits during the seminar included the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the Hague Academy on Private International Law, the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal, the International Criminal Court, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, and the International Court of Justice. During the visit to the ICJ, Judge Thomas Buergenthal, the U.S. representative on the Court, addressed the Seminar participants.

Among the lectures presented at the Seminar were the history and development of international law; the subjects of international law; the United Nations system; international law in the modern world; the history and development of international criminal law; modern international criminal law; international courts and tribunals; international criminal tribunals; European law, which focused on the law relating to the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights; and a new European organization, Eurojust, which coordinates criminal justice proceedings in the states of the European Union.

The Seminar received high evaluations from the group. One judge stated that the Seminar was the best legal education program she had attended during her twelve years as a judge.

Eighteen of the judges received scholarships from the IJA to offset part of the Seminar tuition, long distance air fare, and hotel expenses. The Seminar ended with a closing banquet at which certificates were presented.

Second Sir Richard May Seminar

The Academy has received another grant from the Open Society Initiative to support a second Sir Richard May Seminar on International Law and International Courts, to be held in The Hague, Netherlands September 23-29. The agenda for the one week seminar, including lectures and site visits, will be similar to that of the first Seminar (see report of first seminar, supra).

The seminar is limited to 20 judges. Spouses/guests may also attend most events.

Scholarships will be available for selected state and federal judges. Selection criteria includes particular interest in international legal matters, past international legal activities, and achievements as a judge. The scholarship amount per judge is $1900, which covers one-half of the $800 tuition, long distance air travel and hotel expenses.

Interested judges should inquire by sending an e-mail message to, calling 202 628 7801, faxing a letter of inquiry to 202 628 7803 or writing the Academy at 1616 H Street N.W., Suite 204, Washington, D.C. 20006.

Argentine Conference on Scientific Evidence

In May, 2006, the Latin American office of the Academy will present a series of three conferences on scientific evidence for courts. The three seminars will take place in Buenos Aires, the Argentine province of Mendoza, and Rosario, the second largest city in the country. Included in the program at all three locations will be presentations by a group of American judges and physicians. Members of the United States delegation will be Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, former U.S. District Judge. District of the District of Columbia and presiding judge in the Microsoft case; Judge Barbara Rothstein, Director of the Federal Judicial Center; Dr.Ted Rothstein, neurologist on the staff of the George Washington University Medical School; Dr. Thomas Connally, physician in Arlington, Virginia; and IJA President James G. Apple,

Judges, court officers and lawyers from other Latin American countries may attend. Those interested in attending should contact the Director of the Latin American Office of the Academy:

Dr. Ricardo LiRosi
Resident Director
International Judicial Academy Latin American Office
Lavalle 1334, First Floor
C 1048 AAH Buenos Aires
Tel/Fax: +54 11 4891 6027

by James G. Apple, President, International Judicial Academy; Co-Editor, International Judicial Monitor

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